Bipin Bihari Mishra, Professor (Full), Pedology, School of Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia.
  Towards University Ranking System
Recently, I participated in some intrnational online discussion as below and opined to have
Indian system of ranking for WCU (world class university). I hope, Human Resource Ministry of India
may like to appreciate the issue and formulate some logframe metrics for ranking the WCU.

Higher education aims at furnishing the goals of developing four sets of activities among
students (Individuality-Originality-Creativity-Competitiveness) to assure
placement/employment/self business in a very comfortable and peaceful working
environment in a college or university. During an interaction at Rajbhavan, Patna for
appointment of Vice Chancellor (TMBU,Bhagalpur), I strongly placed the principles that can be
used for evaluation of the higher education taking into consideration the relevant
indicators/means of verification/assumptions following a logframe metrix. I strongly believe
that the global ranking must be re-framed and revised based on a system to attain the theme of globalization.
Quite good number of Indian Universities, for example, are doing commendable performance and are
producing students of super qualities even, but such universities/institutes of India did not qualify
in ranking of WCU-2014 even. This I consider very unfortunate in all fairness and strongly appeal for
restructuring of procedures following an active involvement of the notable educationalists of
the world. Even the components to be considered for ranking needs serious revision. The
principles that I have opined as above need to be validated precisely to screen out
indicators/components for the purpose of WCU ranking under the umbrella of Indian system.

Components like Novel Prize or publication in Journals like SCIENCE/NATURE may have certain
reservations that need to be re-defined. Smart class concept is good for stereo-typic
education, but conventional system can not be outdated in many respects. I also strongly respect
mother language, regional language and National Language to be given priority in higher
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