Bipin Bihari Mishra, Professor (Full), Pedology, School of Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia.
  Poverty Alleviation
(i) India is an agriculture based country and the so-called poverty alleviation approach must be
centred at farmer’s doors. The agriculture Road Map of India must insure food security, water
availability, congenial eco-system, sustainability, soil health & productivity and economic
profitability. This requires a systematic land/soil evaluation, land use suitability
classification, modern soil water conservation and evergreen plantation/cropping without
allowance of any shrinkage of land due to construction etc. Soil science plays a vital role in
sustaining the long term efforts.
(ii) The so-called Road map will be structured/designed in such a way from farming to
marketing at farmer’s doors without involvement of middlemen and the overall outcome will
significantly eradicate poverty and promote economic growth.
(iii) A system approach will lead to social harmony and gross rural happiness in a big way,
if an effective action plan (location specific) is developed taking into consideration all
input components including soil-plant-animal-humanbeings and so.
(iv) Let flood be a natural water resource and apply treatments for flood management and
not merely the flood control or flood relief. Soil based integrated flood management may be the most
effective approach to mitigate the disastrous consequences caused by floods.
(v) Evergreen agriculture (or conservation agriculture) is a powerful approach for a safe
and sustainable climate (location specific), wherein efforts are to be made to keep the land
covered with vegetation round the year. A successful CA may lead to organic farming even.

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