Bipin Bihari Mishra, Professor (Full), Pedology, School of Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia.
  My Researches
  • Pyrites as an amendment for sodic soil reclamation.
  • Irrigation scheduling using IW/CPE ratio.
  • Waste mica as low grade K-source to plant.
  • K-diffusion using 86Rb isotope.
  • Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) of soil.
  • Clay mineral map of Bihar.
  • Delineation of soil map of newly created Bihar vs Nutrient mining.
  • Spectral reflectance of soils (mica derived).
  • Fluvisol as a proposed 13th Order in Soil Taxonomy.
  • Theory of Photopedology.
  • Photopedogenesis/Effect of X-rays on soil fertility.
  • Land evaluation in basaltic & limestone derived soils: Quantitative approach.
  • Immobisol as the proposed soil Reference of World (WRB).
  • Second green revolution in flood plain soils.
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