Bipin Bihari Mishra, Professor (Full), Pedology, School of Environmental Sciences, Haramaya University, Ethiopia.


Welcome to my Home Page.

Just to introduce myself, I am Professor Bipin Bihari Mishra, Ph.D.(IARI), FNAS, University Professor cum Chief Scientist, Founder Registrar(ex), Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India, Former Chairman and Chief Soil Survey Officer, Department of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry & Soil Survey & Land Use Planning Scheme, BAU, Sabour.

Formerly, I have worked as:

Visiting Scientist & Professor, Soil Survey & Land Evaluation, WORLD BANK PROJECT, Alemaya University, Ethiopia (2001-2005).

I was the Principal Investigator of 6-7 National and International Research Projects and come up with significant out come followed by quite good number of publications. Most of my publications are of basic nature as milestone to the future development. As a teacher and researcher, I have been highly appreciated from almost all groups of scientists even across the country.

I had given invited presentation on "Flood Management" in International Conference on "Sedimentation in Erosion Dynamics", Belgrade from 23rd to 29th September, 2007. Following is my photograph with fellow Senior Scientists and Professors.

I visited USA in 2006 to participate 18th World Congress of Soil Science wherein I presented my paper entitled Photopedogenesis as well as Immobisoils for Ethiopia.

I visited Khartum(Sudan) in November, 2006 under UNESCO Chair of Water Resources and presented my paper with a theme to combat with the challenges of 'Flood in Bihar and Floodplain soils'.

My contributions in the field of Soil Science are as follows:

1. Soil as a foundation & natural resource that need management.
2. "Photopedogenesis" as a new chapter in soil science.
3. Framework of Indian System of Soil Classification: A Proposal
4. Soil as an indicator of global climate change.
5. Working Group for developing the Universal Soil Classification System (IUSS)
6. Immobisols: A proposed soil group under FAO/UNESCO soil classification scheme.
7. Fluvisols: Proposed 13th Order in USDA Soil Taxonomy (15th WCSS, 1994, Mexico).
8. Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) of mica-rich soils.
9. Self diffusion coefficient of Potassium in mica-rich soil using 86-Rb isotope.
10.Waste mica as a source of potassic fertilizer.
11. Multicomponent interstratified clay minerals using XRD, TEM, DTA, TG & other techniques.
12. Watershed development and management in highlands of Ethiopia.
13. Combating Nutrient Deficiencies (CND) project in Ethiopia sponsored by Norway.

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